Inclusive VIP Tux & Gown Rental Package A


This VIP package allows the bride and groom complete access to everything in the store. The bride chooses her gown, veil, jewelry, garter and shoes. The groom chooses his tuxedo, shoes, vest and tie or bow tie combination.

 Reservations are required. We want to assure that you get the one-on-one attention you deserve when you come into the shop, so please book below. Payment is non-refundable.

Please reserve your package

Inclusive VIP Tux & Gown Rental Package A
Price: $925.00
Payment is non-refundable.

This VIP Package includes:

  • Any Gown
  • Any Veil
  • Garter to keep
  • Bridal Shoes to keep
  • 2 piece jewelry set to keep
  • Tuxedo
  • Tuxedo Shoes
  • Vest and tie or Bow Tie
  • Alterations on the spot
  • Cleaning
  • Tax
  • Garment Pick-Up at hotel bell desk after wedding
  • No hidden costs. No restrictions.