Can I rent a wedding dress?


If you think about it, you’ll realize all the benefits of renting a gown instead of buying one. This is the way to save your money & time! Wedding dress rental is a thriving cottage industry, as large chain bridal retailers struggle with store closures.

Renting a wedding dress is not at all what you’d expect. The days of renting a wedding dress being poo-pooed are gone. Today you can rent an exquisite gown for less than a quarter the cost of purchasing one brand new. That is money in your pocket for a honeymoon, a down payment on a home or an education fund, etc.

Rent a wedding dress – is a much more pleasurable experience than you could imagine. It is fast, efficient and exciting. In Las Vegas, at Renta-dress and Tux, you can find the perfect dress, have it altered on the spot, take it with you and best of all, they will pick it up the day after your wedding. No cleaning, no preservation and no storage! How awesome is that!!!

Bridal rental shops offer of an elegant collection of contemporary gowns, with silhouettes ranging from sexy mermaids with sheer illusion tulle, to a glamorous princess dress with a full skirt. These gorgeous gowns are current, stylish and in season. The choices are unlimited. Destination wedding dresses are a very popular choice. They are lighter, a little less formal, easier for walking and dancing and available in lots of styles. Even though a destination dress may be less structured, you’ll find mermaid and contoured shapes that flatter the body. An A-line silhouette can suit all body types. Soft, romantic, flowy dresses are always a win. The style of your wedding gown should match the overall feel of the event, whether that is formal and elegant, small and intimate, or a wild party of hundreds. You’ll find a wide range of sizes to fit all body types and shapes.

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