Does this dress make me look fat?

Please don’t be fooled by beautiful photo-shopped photo-shoots of beautiful gowns, in beautiful magazines, on beautiful girls. Reality check- every dress looks completely different in a picture, on a mannequin, hanging on a rack, and on your beautiful body. I realize that it is difficult to resist the urge to want to wear a dress that may be the wrong shape for you. Don’t despair!!
The best dress consultant will help you discover forms and shapes that you never imagined yourself wearing. Please be open-minded and allow for something new and different to come to you. With the correct shape for your body and superb alterations, your dress will look as though it was custom designed just for you. Try hard to not see all of your flaws when you look at yourself in the mirror, because for the most part, the correct dress will always highlight your best assets.
Here is a wedding dress tip for you:
You won’t need a bra, or a corset, or a petticoat! You might just need some spanx. If the dress is built well and fits properly, it should have ALL of the support you need.
Another tip:
If you really think you NEED sleeves, rather than WANT sleeves, please consider a soft pretty wrap, a sheer bolero or a contrasting shawl. New tip: The right veil can also work wonders for covering up arms.
Don’t be turned off by dresses that have ruching or pleating. These details often create a slimming look.
Dresses with a corset closure in the back often work well for almost everybody. They give you the control to add more shape to your body by tightening, particularly mid-waist.
Keep an open mind on the color spectrum, white is not always right! Creams, ivories, beige’s, blushes are all popular and flattering colors at the moment.
So to answer the question, does this dress make me look fat?
Not if it’s the right dress!! –Hugs and Kisses.

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