Maternity dress for wedding

If you’re looking for a maternity dress for a wedding, Renta Dress and Tux Shop has the best selection in Las Vegas for you to choose from.  Our elegantly designed plus-sized dresses can be modified to be worn as a maternity dress by our skilled, onsite tailors.  That’s right, our dresses can be made to fit anybody, and body type. Don’t worry about not making it to the wedding because you don’t have the right dress.  Renta Dress and Tux Shop has the perfect solution for you!  Please feel free to visit us in person so you can try the dress on for yourself.  

We are located at: 618 6th St.Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 You can feel free to call us at 702-796-6444 if you have any question, and someone will gladly assist you.  

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