Size matters!

Grand affair or small and intimate???

9 important tips to help narrow down your decision:-

  1. Budget- There is always a wide range of wedding options available, including ones dedicated to limited budgets and all the way across the board. Having an unlimited budget does not necessarily guarantee a fabulous wedding. Be smart, creative and stylish with whatever your budget allows. We’re not judging, I promise.
  2. Family- Must you, should you, will you??? Remember, it’s your wedding, not theirs.
  3. Location – Decide if it will be local, a destination, city park or 5 star hotel and anything in between. If budget is a factor, utilize the location advantages etc. Outdoors=less on flowers.
  4. Date – Choose off season to save $$$. This applies to venues, airfares, hotels. This matters to everyone.
  5. Dress- Rent one!! Really! Don’t spend tons on buying. Just think about it…you won’t have to clean it, preserve it, store it and save it for you daughter. She will take one look at your dress and say “Are you kidding me? This dress is 20 years old!” Do your research. Your dress should be in keeping with your location and theme. No princess dress at the beach please.
  6. Bridal party – Keep it small, if you can and delegate well. These people are chosen to help you – make them
  7. Kids- In or out?…especially if you’re having a black tie evening event. Be appropriate.
  8. Wedding planner – A wedding planner will be a tremendous help indeed, especially for destination weddings. Unless you have hours to devote to organizing and planning, it’s a good idea to hire a good wedding planner. Ask friends for referrals. It is a pleasure to leave all the details to a professional.
  9. Theme – This should be decided after you have chosen a location. Let the venue guide your theme. Also, consider the season and time of day or night for your wedding.

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