Who should go with me to try on wedding dresses?

On your first visit to a bridal shop, your best bet is to go with the one person whose opinion you absolutely 100% trust. Only when you’ve narrowed down your choices should you include the rest of the gang.*

Here’s why:

If you bring 6 people, you’ll most likely get 6 different opinions. While meaning well, all those opinions can become confusing and even upsetting!  Brides often think they have to include all their bridesmaids, their grandmother, mother, sisters, future-mother in law, aunts, and cousins to go wedding dress shopping. This party can quickly take the focus off the bride and become a cluster…..Before you know it, granny is trying on veils, auntie is playing with crowns and your cute little flower girl is hiding under the display gowns. Naturally the bride wants to make everyone happy and they all want to be the one who picked her dress. When choosing who comes shopping with you, don’t feel obligated to include everyone in this decision. Select one or two people who know you the best and who have your best interest at heart. Choose those who will make it about you, not about them. No pushy people, thank you! You only want tears of joy – not tears of confusion. Remember, this is your dress on your day. Enjoy!!

*Avoid becoming overwhelmed by trying on too many gowns. Sooner or later, they all start looking the same. Limit your try-ons to one of each shape and give yourself the overall picture of what looks best on your body. Try on a ball gown, a trumpet, an A-line, a mermaid, a fit-to-flare. Experiment with different neck lines and sleeve options. Try the dresses on with a veil. Adding the veil instantly changes up the look. If you thought you needed sleeves, perhaps the veil might be sufficient. The best way to handle dress shopping without being disappointed is to decide on a budget and stay with it. It’s always a good idea to tell your stylist your budget before you start trying on dresses.

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