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Size matters!

By rentadressandtux_zcwa63 / November 30, 2018 /

Grand affair or small and intimate??? 9 important tips to help narrow down your decision:- Budget- There is always a wide range of wedding options available, including ones dedicated to limited budgets and all the way across the board. Having an unlimited budget does not necessarily guarantee a fabulous wedding. Be smart, creative and stylish…

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What should I wear for my vow renewal?

By rentadressandtux_zcwa63 / September 21, 2018 /

This is an all too familiar question. What is the appropriate attire for my vow renewal? There is no hard and fast rule for this one at all. It absolutely depends on the location, the vibe you want to create and a look that makes you feel comfortable. So, let’s look at these factors more closely. If…

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Can I rent a wedding dress?

By rentadressandtux_zcwa63 / August 28, 2018 /

RENTING A WEDDING DRESS IS A THING!  A brilliant thing!!! If you think about it, you’ll realize all the benefits of renting a gown instead of buying one. This is the way to save your money & time! Wedding dress rental is a thriving cottage industry, as large chain bridal retailers struggle with store closures.…

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Audrina Patridge + Corey Bohan’s Boho Chic Kauai Wedding

By rentadressandtux_zcwa63 / March 1, 2017 /

Picture this — it’s 2005, Juicy Couture is all the rage, Carrie Underwood has just won American Idol, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County airs weekly, and The Hills has just started production. Little did Audrina Patridge know back then, but this was the year that she would meet her match. Audrina tells us I was 20, exploring the City…

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Maternity dress for wedding

By rentadressandtux_zcwa63 / April 8, 2013 /

If you’re looking for a maternity dress for a wedding, Renta Dress and Tux Shop has the best selection in Las Vegas for you to choose from.  Our elegantly designed plus-sized dresses can be modified to be worn as a maternity dress by our skilled, onsite tailors.  That’s right, our dresses can be made to fit anybody,…

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